Faster Than the Sound: Bell X-1


Bell X-1 was an airplane constructed and developed primarily during the WWII era. Bell Aircraft cooperated with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (ex NACA, the present-day NASA). It was the U.S. Army Air Force followed by the U.S. Air Force that first piloted the legendary aircraft at the maximum […]

The Four-Engine Elegance

Enola Gay Old Photo

Boeing B-29, also called Superfortress, got the nickname Enola Gay after the Colonel Tibbets’  mother. It was possibly the most elegant bomber in the WWII era. The aircraft was equipped with four engines that powered it. The bomber took off for the first time in 1942 and gained its popularity […]

The (W)Right Plane

Wright Brothers Old Photo

The Wright Flyer made its first successful flight in 1903. It was the very first powered flying machine which carried a crew that could control it to some extent. Who would have imagined that a couple of rickety flights would eventually result in the foundation of the aviation industry, let […]

A Brief History of Aviation

history of aviation

With over 100,000 flights per day, millions of people roam through the skies on a daily basis! However, we’ll bet that the vast majority knows very little about aviation and how it all began. Sure, most are familiar with the fact that the Wright brothers figured it out first when […]